Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Amigurumi Octupus

     Here a couple of adorable octopi that I made this past weekend! The blue one was the first that I made and I made the purple one for my sister.

     I followed this pattern which I found on Yarnyard's video channel on youtube. I find it so interesting how creative people can be, in the description for this video he wrote that he created this pattern while he was creating the video. That just takes some talent!
      I need to take a few days off after making these because they took a little bit of time and of course my wrist has started to hurt! I can't wait till I can make some more cute little creatures!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Project Finished!

I finally had finished my first crochet project ever, even though I have been crocheting for a few years now. I think the reason I never felt motivated to finish the blankets I had been working on before is because they had been really simple and I had been only using double crochets. So every time I went to work on them I would get bored. So I found a different stitch to try and it is called the Daisy stitch. It is very simple to do and here is the website I found it on: Daisy Crochet Stitch. I ended up making this blanket in about 2 weeks and in this case I had a goal for what I would use it for. It is for me to use at work because for awhile the heat had been on the fritz, and it could get pretty cold.

Anyway here is the final project!

The color for it doesn't look right so here is another picture that I think it looks more like the color its supposed to be and it also shows the stitch better:

I think the color is Pretty Pink? by Red Heart and then white for the border. For the border I had done just a simple single crochet around!