Thursday, November 14, 2013

Craft day on Saturday!

At the library that I work at we are having a booksale/craft day. The idea was a combined idea of mine and another coworker, so I am hoping there will be a good turnout. It is for the Friends of the library so hopefully we will be able to raise some money and have this be the first of many craft days! I am going to be doing a crochet demonstration and possible showing people simple stitches if they really want to give it a try. I made a couple of the bears from my last post. Right now I am working on making a bunch of coffee cup cozies I found from the website Crochet Every Day. They are really simple and can decorated in anyway you like!

I am going to make some plain ones and then give the flowers a try. Every time I have tried making flowers in the past, they didn't work out, but I have gotten a lot better at crochet(at least I think I have!).

I am also thinking of making another Psych Pineapple. Luckily I have tomorrow off because that is my last day to make some of these things. I had only been planning on making the one teddy bear but now that I have so many ideas I feel like I need to make more for Saturday!