Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dew Drop Blanket

Interestingly enough, now that it is warmer out I have found more inspiration to work on more projects than I did in the winter. I would think it would be the opposite but maybe I am just a little strange! I have all these ideas now on blankets that I would like to make. Currently, I am working on one using a stitch called the dew drop stitch. I just love the colors that I am using for it. I am using Red Heart yarn for it and the colors are light raspberry, charcoal and white.

Sadly the craft store that I would buy yarn from, that had a good stock of the yarns that I like to use, went out of business . I hadn't bought enough yarn for a whole blanket, so now I am at a standstill until my shipment gets here. This at least gives me time to start another blanket! I haven't decided the stitch yet but I am going to use Caron Simply Soft Cool Green, possibly with a white border. Of course I don't have enough of that color either but I can order that online too! Maybe I should plan better.

Budget wise I haven't been able to venture much beyond the Red Heart for yarns but I am going to try to order some new yarns soon, if I can decide what I want. It always takes me an incredibly long time to make a decision about buying things sometimes! Especially, if I have to buy it online because I obviously won't know what it's like until I get it. I am leaning towards Knit Picks Comfy Worsted which is a cotton/acrylic blend. I just love the colors that Knit Picks offers! I have used it for a couple hats that I made and liked the results. I might try to make a blanket with that yarn.