Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is here again!

Happy Holidays! 

Lately I have been working on more of those awesome minions.  Once I finish attaching all of the pieces for the last one I will not be making any more for a while! I have so many other things that I would like to make and I have gotten pretty bored with making so many of the same things.

I did have to take a break from this last minion that I am working on because I had someone who wanted to buy a pair of the Doctor Who Tardis fingerless gloves that I have been working on perfecting. I think I like the results for what I came up with! Here is the finished results:

Now I just have to make some time to make some for myself!

I also had been planning on making a snowman for a family friend for awhile now as a gift for Christmas. I worked on it yesterday and today(pretty last minute I know and I actually have one other gift I am planning on making tomorrow!) I didn't use a pattern and I wasn't quite sure if I got the hat quite right at first but with it all put together I am happy with the results! It's hard to see in the picture but I used Red Heart Holiday for the body of the snowman to make it a  little bit sparkly.

I am now going to attempt to make Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. to give as a gift to my friends!