Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Bear and a baby!

Today I got to meet my friends' new baby! She was born yesterday and I am so happy for them! I had been taking a break from amigurumi but I have been wanting to get started with it again and I really wanted to make something for the baby. I found an adorable pattern for a bear and I got started with it yesterday. It was not quite finished when I went to see them, but it is complete now! I used the Smugly-bear pattern by Lilleliis. The only thing I didn't do was the heart for the bottom of the bear because the fabric that I bought was fraying a little too much (there is probably something that needed to be done to the fabric that I don't know about)  so I didn't want to add that and I think it looks pretty adorable without it. I absolutely love it and plan on making more! I love all of her patterns and hope to get another one of hers to try soon.

I am going to start lalylala Vlad the vampire bat today!